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Articles by Phillip Lawless

Precision and communication via carwash controllers

As new services are added, controller functions become more important than ever.

Modern carwash controllers are responsible for the traditional as well as the newly-added functions in the typical carwash.

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Professional tips for building upkeep

Maintaining an attractive and safe environment for carwash customers.

Though dirty floors and dingy restrooms may not be top-of-mind for carwash managers and employees, they are for customers and visitors.

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Deja vu all over again

Tapping professionals, trainers and equipment manufacturers, the assignment still included reporting on best practices and improved techniques that would drive business results and success.

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Working together: Controllers and VFDs

Now operators can control what speed their motors are operating at, and just dropping a motor from 60 to 50 hertz can provide significant results.

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VFD information roundup

Explanations of how these drives work, where they should be installed and the efficiencies they provide are often highly technical.

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Selecting a dryer system

Map out a new menu

Capture customer attention by selecting new services and updating offerings and packages.

There it hangs, the same as always. The criss-crossed cobwebs and thick coating of dust bear witness to the fact that this carwash's menu has not changed in quite a long time. Yet, as that menu has hung dingy and ignored, carwashing costs and the number of competing washes have climbed exponentially.

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How one carwash uses POS technology

Cruz Thru's POS system was designed to help move guests through the carwash more quickly...
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Brushing up on traditional tools

Updates and new designs show brushes and wands are not immune to innovation.

How to start a carwash: Understanding OSHA regulations, enforcement and citations

What car care operators need to know in preparation for today’s frequent inspections.