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Articles by Phillip Lawless

From impulse sales items to stocking stuffers

Displays, placement and proper pricing help detail shops in pushing impulse profits and increasing customer traffic.
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Embracing the unexpected

Learn why the Bubbles Hand Car Wash chain made a surprising turn into the express market.

A powerful carwash brain

Improve service, increase security and realize savings using the tools provided by modern point-of-sale systems.

Looking forward, looking back

Operators should prepare for the new year by looking to — and learning from — the industry challenges of 2012.

PC&D exclusive: Video visit to Blue Rain Express Car Wash

Managing Editor Phil Lawless visited a $3 million wash in Pelham, AL to learn about the tunnel technology.
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Maintaining a mobile business

Carbuffs’ regular maintenance programs prove popular with customers and ease employee scheduling.

Brushing up on traditional tools

Updates and new designs show brushes and wands are not immune to innovation.

Turn on the lights

Learn how proper lighting can attract attention and create an inviting environment.

Changing the channels

In the crowded world of marketing choices, which options make the most sense for carwash owners today?

Casting a carwash vote

Owner Daniel Foor lets customers choose a candidate using his in-bay automatic washes.