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Vending Machines

The advantages of an extra profit center that only takes a little bit of work
Variety is the spice of life, and customers enjoy having a variety of services to choose from when they’re at the carwash.
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New ways to secure your wash

And discover the triple threat that deters crime.
Security and surveillance may not be the most exciting part of owning and operating a carwash, but it is one of the most important.
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Marketing your pet wash, a modern contraption for a social world

Carwash owners are always looking for new ways to bring in extra revenue, and pet washes have emerged as one of the most dependable ways to do so.
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5 Tips on the different ways to use Twitter

There’s more than one way to effectively use this powerful social media tool. Twitter can be a way to connect with your customers, or it can be a way to just be a fly-on-the-wall, and hear what other people are saying...
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How to properly dry microfiber towels

All the microfiber towels that a customer would buy should be washed and dried in a dryer before being used...
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The how to and why to of centralized vacuum maintenance

The hows and whys of centralized vacuums.
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How to maintain microfiber towels

How to maintain towels for maximum efficiency.
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5 Tips once you’ve started a Twitter account

Once you’ve started a Twitter account, you’re going to want to know how to properly use it so that you can get the most out of it. This is where hashtags come into play...

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5 Tips on starting a Twitter account

Everyone knows about Twitter, but not everyone knows how to use it, and more importantly, how to use it effectively...

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Updated: WCA weighs in on California carwash surety bond increase

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — New bond requirements in California change surety bond amount from $15,000 to $150,000, according to a press release.
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