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Articles by Robert Keppel

What to do with a water damaged car

June 4, 2014
To fix water damage permanently, without worry of a “come back,” you must remove everything related to the leak.
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What does your ultimate package include?

Make sure you have a clear-cut definition that promotes the benefits to the customers.
May 28, 2014

Three tips to follow to make more money

Detailers can bring in more customers if they pay close attention to their business’s website.
November 25, 2013

Four ways to make $40 or more on a car detail.

There needs to be a clear-cut definition that promotes the benefits to the customers.
April 25, 2013

The steps of a paint touch up

February 28, 2013
One expert reveals his tricks on how detailers can touch up a scratched vehicle in about 60 minutes and make $95.
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Where to find customers who pay top detailing rates

October 22, 2012
Car shows, car club meet-ups and race tracks are full of people who pay well for a clean and shiny car.
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Want more referrals?

Here are three local car people you should know...
October 3, 2012
When detailers are looking for more work, they should focus on three automotive professionals that can send thousands and thousands of dollars of referrals.
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Keep in touch with your detail customers

January 19, 2011
Most of your customers don't remember you. One simple way to make your business unforgettable. "We'll be back!" I used to hear this a lot from happy customers. Very few
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