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Articles by Bud Abraham

Even more additional services

Though these services require extra training and investment, they can pay off for attentive owners.

Simple and profitable extra services

There are a number of affordable cosmetic offerings that money-minded detailers can consider.

How to hire and retain good employees

The detail business is labor intensive and dependent on top quality workers.

Suppliers and auto dealers

You should look at those suppliers who can help you with running your business, giving you ideas on customers to contact and how to advertise, even providing advertising materials.
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Staying focused

Remember the battle for business is fought in the minds of prospective customers. You’ve got to make your detail business stand head and shoulders above the competition.
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Success is in the details

As a successful detail business owner you know that the key to a successful detail lies in “attention to the details.” Part of this process includes proper prepping and careful cleaning.
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Do you know how to identify your customers?

You have to make sure you identify your key customers and then find out what is important to them.
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Are you "positioning" your shop correctly?

Positioning is the key to great marketing. Every successful business, including detailing businesses, whether the owner realizes it or not has done some successful marketing.
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Do you have a marketing strategy in place?

If you want to grow and succeed in your detailing business, you need to create your own success.

Detailing chemicals, part 2

The second in this two-part series discusses wash bay and paint finishing chemicals and answers the most frequently asked questions.