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Articles by Bud Abraham

Detailing in South America

March 14, 2012
Find out which two countries are the most advanced.
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Ditch those spray bottles

February 29, 2012
Save time and keep workstations organized using chemical tanks.
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Consider dash kits as an extra service offering

February 22, 2012
These interior features are inexpensive to purchase and simple to install.
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Do you have a business plan?

February 22, 2012
A business plan is essential to the long-term survivability of your detail shop.
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Is your chemical checklist up to date?

February 15, 2012
Here we cover cleaners, compounds, polishes, waxes and paint sealants, and specialty chemicals.
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Is this the most revolutionary invention presented to the industry?

February 8, 2012
Detail Editor Bud Abraham thinks so.
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The evolving popularity of the vapor steamer

February 1, 2012
This tool was presented to the industry over 15 years ago and was not immediately embraced.
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Be careful with water-based dyes

January 25, 2012
If you use them, you have to make sure your water is heated properly.
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What is up with eco-friendly detailing?

January 18, 2012
Find out which product is making a comeback.
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Make sure you're acting like a real professional

December 21, 2011
We're presenting you with the 10 key areas to focus on in order to be a professional detailer.
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