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Articles by Bud Abraham

Defining paint finishing terms

October 26, 2011
A listing of all of the tools, pads and chemicals you should have on hand at your shop.
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Step by step interior cleaning

October 10, 2011
Today's detailer needs to focus more on the how to clean the materials inside the car.
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Getting to know your soil

October 5, 2011
To properly clean carpet and upholstery, a detailer will need to recognize the difference between soils.
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The six steps to take to clean carpets and upholstery

September 28, 2011
If detailers take the following procedures, the customers' carpets/upholsteries will be as clean as humanly possible.
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Putting an end to wet carpets

September 21, 2011
Why improper cleaning procedures are leaving customers with moldy, and musty-smelling carpets and what you should do about it.
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Choosing a soil extractor

September 14, 2011
The following are some guidelines to follow in choosing which extractor will work best for you.
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Soil extractors and cleaning carpets

September 12, 2011
Here's what you need to know about the correct and incorrect cleaning procedures.
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How to engage the customer, Part 1

August 31, 2011
Here are the basic rules to follow to get and maintain repeat customers.
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The weight of waste

August 24, 2011
Do you know the three levels of hazardous waste generators?
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How are paint sealants different from waxes?

August 17, 2011
This is a question that almost everyone has a difficult time answering.
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