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Charles Borchard

Charles Borchard is the VP of Operations for New Wave Industries, the manufacturer of PurClean Spot-free Rinse Systems and PurWater Water Recovery Systems and is in his twenty-fourth year in the water treatment business. He can be reached at


Water reclamation and regulations

Water is the lifeblood of the planet, without it, life would cease to exist.
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Circulating cleaner carwash water

For vehicle washing, water is the primary means of rinsing the dirt, road grime, salt and snow off the surface of the vehicle during the cleaning process. All soaps
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Get a spot-free in-bay today

In-bay automatic vehicle wash systems are not just found behind the service station anymore. One of the faster growing segments in vehicle washing is the stand alone in-bay automatic
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Progress in reverse

While spot-free systems are fast becoming standard equipment for in-bay automatics and exterior tunnels, they are slower to gain approval in self-serve. This is unfortunate, because having a spot-free
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Self-serve reclaim systems

Understanding the nuts and bolts.
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Advancements in spot-free

Technology and equipment aren’t the only improvements in IBA systems.
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Good clean water

Methods for improving water quality will improve your carwash service.
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