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David Kunkel

David Kunkel is a contributing writer for Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine


Declining car counts? Try a fast lube.

If consolidation has been the predominant business trend for the past 20 years, then diversification surely has been a strong contender for the number two spot. Diversification is a
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10 steps to the perfect fast lube

In our increasingly competitive business environment, small business owners are looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition. Adding a fast lube facility to your
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Oil and water: A perfect pair

Crude prices have risen well above $55-per-barrel and $2-per-gallon gasoline is now a distant memory. As such, consumers everywhere are tightening their belts and deferring services like carwashes and
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Building the perfect fast lube: Part II

From the car a person buys to the food they eat, life is full of choices. Making a decision to enter the fast lube business is no exception. The
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Lube owners: Train your way to success

To say these are “interesting times” for fast lube/carwash service providers is a vast understatement. To help stem the tide of declining car counts and improve ticket averages to
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Marketing diversified services

Fresh, relevant promotions make for successful carwash and fast lube operations.
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Getting branded

Is an alignment with a national oil brand right for your shop? Read to find out.
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