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Dennis Ryan

Dennis Ryan is a contributing writer for Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine


When all else fails, read the directions

One day a woman came into the self-serve wash and had no idea how to wash her car. I talked her through the wash cycle, letting her do the
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Water, water everywhere

We were asked to install a new N/S brush rollover for a car rental company last March. The only automatic in bay washes I had any experience with before
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Acid rain and the carwash

Recently, we had a customer come into the carwash and complain about blotches on his paint job. He wasn’t complaining about our wash or our facility, he was looking
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Number crunching

A while back, I received an email from a reader who was thinking about getting into the carwash business. There was a carwash for sale near his home and
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Spiff up your wash with new walls

I am a fanatic about having and maintaining good carwash equipment. All carwash owners should put equipment ahead of everything else, and rightly so. Without good equipment, customers will
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How to save money on your carwash heating bill

In the July and August issues of Professional Carwashing & Detailing®, I wrote about how I saved 26 percent on the cost of natural gas for the floor heat
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Raising revenue with radio advertising

When I was in the electrical construction industry the president of the firm asked me to handle the advertising in addition to my estimating and project manager duties. It
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Site attendants: The better way to wash?

Is it worth it to pay the wages for an attendant? This controversial question has been around for a lot longer than the 18 years that I’ve owned our
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Life in the pits

The original six-bay carwash that we have now was built eight years before we bought it, so the decision on how to build and pipe the pits was not
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The self-serve vacuum evolution

We bought our first carwash in 1988 from the previous owner who had built the wash in 1980 and had installed four vacuums just in front of the bays,
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