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Articles by Gary Kouba

Ten marketing rules for detailers

August 24, 2012
One mistake people make when they open a detail business is they don’t put much thought into marketing.
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The fundamentals of a clean carpet

October 11, 2010
Over the years, the cleaning industry has experienced many changes, mostly because of advancements in chemical formulation, equipment development, carpet construction and the understanding of technique. However, one thing
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Clay basics

January 21, 2009
This is an online exclusive article for Professional Detailing e-News. If you have a topic idea or article you’d like to see in our Technical Tipssection, please e-mail Editor Kate
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Paint care & clay basics

January 7, 2009
Before we get into the proper techniques for paint care we should get a better understanding of the different types of paints. When the automobile was first introduced they
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