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A Clean Perspective


Thought Bubbles

More and Better

 In the month I have been at PC&D I have learned one major thing, so far, about this industry: it is extremely customer service oriented.... 

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Four-Legged Friendly

This Winter

Is it just me or does every news headline as of late sound something like this. “Another massive storm pattern is moving in…”
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Dirty Work by Double D Dwyer


How to make good investments


Increasing Carwash Revenue


CarWash Safety 101

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The Straight Soap

Deja vu all over again

Tapping professionals, trainers and equipment manufacturers, the assignment still included reporting on best practices and improved techniques that would drive business results and success.

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Blog: A second Veterans Day?

As news has started to trickle in on various Earth Day events and carwash specials, it appears that the holiday may be a perfect fit for carwash owners.
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The Soap Box