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A Clean Perspective

Assistant Editor Joe J. Napoli writes about the carwash industry, social media skills and ways to improve your customer service. Read More

Reflections on my first Car Wash Show

April 11, 2014
A wild three days with a lot of fun, and a lot of learning.
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5 Tips on the different ways to use Twitter

March 20, 2014
There’s more than one way to effectively use this powerful social media tool. Twitter can be a way to connect with your customers, or it can be a way to just be a fly-on-the-wall, and hear what other people are saying...
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5 Tips once you’ve started a Twitter account

February 18, 2014
Once you’ve started a Twitter account, you’re going to want to know how to properly use it so that you can get the most out of it. This is where hashtags come into play...

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5 Tips on starting a Twitter account

February 11, 2014
Everyone knows about Twitter, but not everyone knows how to use it, and more importantly, how to use it effectively...

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Blog: Tips on providing quality customer service

January 24, 2014
Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any service industry. It is also something that can be greatly impacted by the business owners and managers.
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Thought Bubbles

Managing Editor Tim Branfalt Jr. talks about everything from his thoughts on everything from social media to the public policy's role in small business operations. Read More

More and Better

July 8, 2013

 In the month I have been at PC&D I have learned one major thing, so far, about this industry: it is extremely customer service oriented.... 

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Blog: Allow me to introduce myself

June 6, 2013
Tim Branfalt here. I’m stoked to be the new managing editor at Professional Carwashing & Detailing and would...

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Four-Legged Friendly

Heather Steines is the Executive Vice President of CCSI International, Inc., manufacturers of All Paws Pet Wash. Read More

Times Have Changed

April 23, 2014
I got to thinking recently about how times have changed. I mean, today’s world is so very different. Just look at man’s best friend...
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Mud: The side-effect of spring

March 21, 2014
Spring is here! Mud is here! How a pet wash can be the best way to clean your dog.
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This Winter

March 1, 2014
Is it just me or does every news headline as of late sound something like this. “Another massive storm pattern is moving in…”
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Blog: Fall is for Fun

September 10, 2013
The corn is turning brown here in the Midwest, which means one thing and one thing only — fall is nearly upon us...
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Washing trends

August 7, 2013
Today I read a poll that recently conducted. The basic premise of the poll was to tally how many...
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Dirty Work by Double D Dwyer

David "Double D" Dwyer is a 20-year veteran of the carwashing industry, having owned Dubble D's Car Wash in Plymouth, MN, and is currently a content marketing and operations specialist consultant. He can be reached at Read More

The impact wrench

July 15, 2014
A manager of a carwash recently called me seeking advice regarding an incident that occurred at his facility...
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Blog: Content marketing

April 30, 2013
Many owners and managers in this business face daily calls and door knocks from people selling advertising and...
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Blog: Simple steps for handing Jeep Cherokees

April 5, 2013
Here is the simple truth: Not every Jeep is a carwash accident, but most carwash accidents are Jeeps.
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Blog: Does this carwash want to go out of business?

March 4, 2013
I visited a few carwashes this week. When I pulled onto the lot of one, a line of cars extended to the street...
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How to make good investments

Ron Holub has been involved in the carwash industry for 35 years working for several national carwash chemical companies, owning a car wash and detail supply company, and serving as a general manager for a national carwash chain. He currently works for Hydro-Spray and does consulting. He can be reached at Read More

Blog: Sonny Fazio — Thoughts and Memories

May 15, 2013
The carwash industry has lost a true pioneer and icon and operators from coast to coast have lost a friend...
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Arguing with myself: How do I increase profitability?

April 29, 2013
Cost cutting can be a two edged sword that may increase profitability but hopefully not at the expense of wash performance...
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Blog: The truth about owning a carwash

February 15, 2013
Lately there seems to be a new interest by “newbies” to own a...
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Increasing Carwash Revenue

Mike Perry will now be a regular blogger for Perry has more than 30 years' experience in retail marketing and in business-to-business sales. He can be reached at 770-330-2490, or at Read More

Blog: The final $64,000,000 question

January 31, 2014
Who imagined, 60 years ago, we could put a man on the moon? Medical researchers today assure us they will have a cure for some...
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Blog: Were you thrown under the bus?

January 24, 2014
Truthfully, just the idea that this violent and very intentional act could still happen in our industry sickens me.
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Blog: Saban and I learned valuable lessons

January 14, 2014
We are all human. Everyone makes grievous, even painful mistakes. Wise men and critics also tell us...
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Blog: Identify and overcome these chronic challenges in 2014

January 3, 2014
Make this year count. Nothing is more important this year than operators washing more cars at their sites. Seems simple...
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Blog: Can you pass this critical exam?

December 30, 2013
This PC&D Marketing Report Card has appeared before, but going into the last few days of this year, it is both timely and relevant...

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CarWash Safety 101

Mike Benmosche designed and implemented the first New York State Car Wash Association Insurance Program. He serves as treasurer of the New York State Car Wash Association and is the National Car Wash Program Specialist of McNeil and Company. He can be reached at Read More

Blog: Its All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye

October 8, 2013
The headline on a website titled INJURY SETTLEMENT GUIDE, a resource for individuals seeking legal advice on personal injury cases, was...
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Blog: Don’t be a distracted driver

June 3, 2013
The story goes: A customer is in the tunnel when he gets a phone call on his cell. In the next few minutes he is racing through the wash...
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Blog: Help emergency responders help you!

May 22, 2013
A fire occurs at the wash or an employee’s foot is caught in the conveyor, is your wash ready for these potential emergencies?
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Carwash safety leads to higher profits

August 14, 2012
Are you aware that washes with low incident rates earn higher profits? It's a myth that insurance will cover the costs associated with a claim...
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Accident Investigation 101 Final Chapter ― Implementing Recommendations.

July 13, 2012
By changing nothing, nothing changes.
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The Straight Soap

Managing Editor Phillip Lawless isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and give you the straight soap on what he sees, and hears about in the world of carwashing.

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Blog: Thank you and goodnight

May 1, 2013
I've learned a lot over the past two years in the carwash industry.
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Blog: A second Veterans Day?

April 17, 2013
As news has started to trickle in on various Earth Day events and carwash specials, it appears that the holiday may be a perfect fit for carwash owners.
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Blog: A collection of wacky commercials

March 20, 2013
My latest blog is a rundown of some impressive, and not so impressive, carwash commercials.
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Blog: Carwashing is a land of opportunity

March 19, 2013
I am always happy to see the car care industry get creative when it comes to training and hiring new employees.
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Blog: ‘Yea or nay’ on raising minimum wage?

March 6, 2013
NEW YORK — A state senator says an increase would have an overall positive effect on the economy.
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The Soap Box

Editor Debra Gorgos talks about the concerns, celebrations, and comings and goings of the carwashing industry that she hears about and witnesses in her daily life. Read More

Saying goodbye

May 20, 2014
Carwashing industry suffers another loss.
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Who's your favorite president?

February 25, 2014
I personally don't think this past president gets enough credit...
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Blog: Bah humbug!

January 14, 2014
Don't get me wrong, I am perfectly capable of enjoying a lot that this season has to offer, but...
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Blog: Now I have seen it all...

December 10, 2013
I'm not sure what this carwash app is supposed to do: Is it to show kids how a carwash works? Is it supposed to be fun?
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Blog: I have a secret...

November 20, 2013
...And, I am willing to share it with all of you.
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