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The Soap Box

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Editor Debra Gorgos talks about the concerns, celebrations, and comings and goings of the carwashing industry that she hears about and witnesses in her daily life.

Here's some Friday fun for you

I'm not sure if this Disney cartoon, featuring Mickey Mouse & Friends, promotes the carwashing industry or makes it look...
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How do you promote your specials?

Do you use Facebook and/or Twitter? Or maybe you send out an email or text to your club members...
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Blog: Has anyone tried this carwashing app?

The app, called "Car Wash Play" allows you to dirty up a vehicle and then clean it using mitters.
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Blog: School's out for summer

The summertime is here. What does that mean for your car care business?
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How can we as a nation get through this?

I'm saddened by the news that has come out of Oklahoma. I know the content on our website is supposed to be about...
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Magic Johnson as a carwash owner?

Basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson was the keynote speaker at the recent Car Wash Show™.
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Blog: Are you a fan of Groupon?

I have heard mixed reviews about this online-based daily-deals website. Consumer of course, love it. Business owners...
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Blog: A kind gesture

I'm embarrassed to admit that I found myself without any change in my pocket, purse, change holder or even on the...
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Blog: I'm not surprised (I think)

I understand that it must be difficult to turn away a customer. Especially a regular customer. It's no position that...
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Blog: Is your carwash in danger?

Certain cars have been known to suddenly accelerate, which can cause great damage to your doors, and your carwash.
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