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The Soap Box

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Editor Debra Gorgos talks about the concerns, celebrations, and comings and goings of the carwashing industry that she hears about and witnesses in her daily life.

I am shocked by our recent poll results

We had a lot of responses to our most recent poll which asked: In terms of business, so far, 2013 has been...
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Blog: What are your thoughts on pet washes?

Pet washes are gaining momentum in many markets across the United States. So, I'm wondering if you think they're here to stay?
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Blog: Is football season over yet?

I believe the season actually lasts 10 months, thanks to training camp, and all of those preseason games.
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Photo: My son's first carwash

Seems like I couldn't escape all things "carwash" over the weekend. It all started on Friday night when there was nothing on TV...
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Blog: How do you handle complaints?

Some people run and hide, while others use them to better their business.
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Blog: What the holidays mean to me

How things have changed since I was a kid. And, yes, that's me pictured on the right.
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Blog: I'm back!

What a long, wonderful trip the last three months have been. But, now I'm now back after my glorious maternity leave. What did I miss?
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Do you tint windows?

I know there is some controversy surrounding tinted windows. In some states, cops will pull over cars that may in fact...
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Crayons melted inside my car

Okay, I must confess to all of you, I thought there was a possibility it could happen, but I convinced myself it would not. I mean, I didn't think it was that hot out.
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Have you given me your number?

It's that time of year again when we compile the list of the top 50 conveyor carwash chains (it terms of locations). Have you sent me your number?
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