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The Straight Soap

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Managing Editor Phillip Lawless isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and give you the straight soap on what he sees, and hears about in the world of carwashing.

Blog: Thank you and goodnight

May 1, 2013
I've learned a lot over the past two years in the carwash industry.
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Blog: A second Veterans Day?

April 17, 2013
As news has started to trickle in on various Earth Day events and carwash specials, it appears that the holiday may be a perfect fit for carwash owners.
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Blog: A collection of wacky commercials

March 20, 2013
My latest blog is a rundown of some impressive, and not so impressive, carwash commercials.
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Blog: Carwashing is a land of opportunity

March 19, 2013
I am always happy to see the car care industry get creative when it comes to training and hiring new employees.
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Blog: ‘Yea or nay’ on raising minimum wage?

March 6, 2013
NEW YORK — A state senator says an increase would have an overall positive effect on the economy.
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Blog: Oh no! Not the Harlem Shake!

March 1, 2013
A look back at the the unfortunate dance crazes of the past few years ... in video form ... at carwashes.
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Blog: I need winter weather inspiration

January 30, 2013
A newspaper profiled Destry Lee, a carwash manager who regularly runs a carwash operation in dead-cold Muncie, IN.
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Blog: NASA performs ‘carwash’ on Mars

October 18, 2012
MARS — The mysterious methods used to clean different NASA rovers on Mars give a whole new meaning to waterless washing.
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Carwashing comes to TV (again)

October 4, 2012
It was a bit surprising to see a carwash owning dad pop up on a teen-centered television drama.
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I’m always ready for some football

September 24, 2012
Yes! Finally! Amen and hallelujah! Football season is here and not a moment too soon.
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