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Blog: Consultants and coaches

March 21, 2013
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Management consultants have been around for more than a half-century.

Business coaches emerged at the start of this one.

Management consultants are very analytical, and process-oriented.

Business coaches are experiential, and performance-oriented.

Management consultants are very helpful in mature or emerging businesses which might be temporarily caught up in the weeds or in a fog.

Business coaches are most adept at fine-tuning a specific skill or current activity.

A typical project for a management consultant could take three weeks to three months.

A typical project for a business coach could be accomplished in three hours or three days.

Carwash operators may be understandably reluctant to seek additional help. Reject that harmful and debilitating thought. Resources are readily available to serve you, and to equip you to overcome the obstacles you will certainly encounter.

Of course, your key suppliers and the helpful regional carwash associations might be your first outreach. Other operators may have had similar challenges as you now face.

Should you decide to work with either a management consultant or a business coach, I encourage you to develop and agree upon a written Scope of Work, and have a clearly formulated and written Desired Outcome which both parties will seek to achieve.

Finally, remind yourself constantly, that although today’s market is somewhat unforgiving, savvy business owners will always persevere and discover or forge a successful path when none seemed apparent.

“Most of the important things in the world,” Dale Carnegie noted a century ago, “have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”