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Blog: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

May 21, 2013
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Directions help immensely!

Most of all, clear directions take some of the confusion, worry, doubt and fear out of starting a needed journey.

This valuable and life-changing concept is wonderfully presented and preserved in the surprisingly popular tale, “The Wizard of Oz.”

Would Dorothy have ever started her remarkable journey to the mysterious land of Oz, had she not been instructed to “follow the yellow brick road?”

I know from personal experience, that I too am emboldened and am immeasurably more adventurous when I have written directions in hand.

For instance, I recently journeyed inside Interstate 285, near downtown Atlanta, to visit Stuart Brady at his Kirkwood Carwash. Without the aid of Mapquest directions, that is a trip I would have never taken.

Two financial planning firms have also joined the “take this direction” movement.

Both ING Financial Services and Fidelity Investments provide needed comfort to their clients, with easy-to-understand financial tools that minimize some of the understandable fear and uncertainty inherent in planning for an upcoming retirement.

In effect, a helpful roadmap, written directions, or even color-coded money ear-marked specifically for one’s retirement, allow risk-averse individuals to take a positive step in a significant undertaking which they might have avoided altogether.

Moving into a stronger economy, which carwash company, I wonder, will be the first to create and implement an easy to follow guide, tool or program to help and empower operators to build a larger customer base?

Chemical companies have a vested interest in developing such a tool. Higher wash counts at operators’ sites means increased sales of soaps, waxes and protectants.

The equipment companies also have a dog in this fight. As operators wash more cars, and generate more income, they will be able, finally, to replace their old equipment.

Operators in all market segments will benefit enormously from this value-added tool and initiative. It remains to be seen, which customer-focused chemical or equipment companies will step up, and help operators best navigate the arduous marketing process.