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Increasing Carwash Revenue

Mike Perry will now be a regular blogger for Perry has more than 30 years' experience in retail marketing and in business-to-business sales. He can be reached at 770-330-2490, or at

Blog: How bright is our future?

During an initial meeting, I find it immensely helpful to ask both new and experienced operators a very simple...
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Blog: The chicken or the egg?

Many topics for popular discussion are mindless, and should be ignored. Does any one really care which came...
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Blog: Products change. What about consumer needs?

Be careful how you respond to this simple question. For many operators, your first answer may not be the...
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Yes, let's celebrate the 4th

My dictionary lists four definitions for the word “celebrate”...
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The 80/20 principle

As a professional sales person, I believed completely in the 80/20 rule. This rule stipulated that 80% of my sales, and my best prospects...
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Blog: Make it impossible to fail

How clear and compelling to your employees is your vision statement? Also, do your greeters, cashiers and other front-line team...
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Blog: “If There Is A Cure For This...”

“I don’t want it,” sings Motown queen Diana Ross in her smash disco hit of the late 1970s, “Love Hangover.”
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Blog: Show me the money

Be careful. These lazy, hazy days of the early summer are not your best friends. Sadly, many retail business owners...
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Blog: Are these the new buzzwords?

The current ones, of course, are still important. And they have had a great run. At a critical point in the industry...
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Blog: Industry leaders are different

Have you ever noticed that leaders develop a unique or different perspective? The trained eye of an experienced...
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