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Increasing Carwash Revenue

Mike Perry will now be a regular blogger for Perry has more than 30 years' experience in retail marketing and in business-to-business sales. He can be reached at 770-330-2490, or at

Blog: Trade show prep

The best advice I ever received about preparing for a trade show, should work for you too. This weekend, as you are...
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Blog: Pain, passion and purpose

It was a striking statement. I was caught totally off-guard. I didn’t have the presence of mind, unfortunately, even...
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Blog: Revenue is the most important metric

When I meet with an operator, I have learned to scale down my initial questions. To break the ice, and begin a...
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Blog: Upsets, mindsets and positive outcomes

The Hoosiers are out of the tournament, upset by a swarming Syracuse team. In truth, I thought Indiana was over-rated...
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Blog: Step it up, sign up!!

This short piece is for the two regular readers of this blog who have not yet made definite plans to attend and participate in the upcoming The Car Wash Show™...
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Blog: This is the industry game-changer!

Important, game-changing ideas and events need time to develop. It took Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin almost...
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Blog: Make this happen

Operators, you are in control of your fate. There are numerous challenges which you must encounter and overcome, for sure, yet I urge you to consider...
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Blog: Consultants and coaches

Management consultants have been around for more than a half-century. Business coaches emerged at the start of this one. Management consultants are very...
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How has the industry changed?

From the Perry archive last week, I found an invaluable commentary from my fellow Professional Carwashing and Detailing...
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Blog: March Madness

There are two different forms of March Madness. I am a hard-core victim of one highly contagious kind of March Madness.
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