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Blog: The chicken or the egg?

July 17, 2013
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Many topics for popular discussion are mindless, and should be ignored.

Does any one really care which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I am somewhat sensitive, however, to the possibility that this otherwise harmless debate could be modified, and then dangerously applied to the carwash industry.

Some might ask, for instance, which comes first, customers or marketing?

To be sure, you can have one without the other.

But do not become a sad and sorry victim to a once-popular but now outdated industry maxim:  build your wash and consumers will find it.

In today’s retail environment, savvy operators know that identifying and capturing customers requires a lot of creative thinking, common-sense planning and then hard work.   

Moreover, if you wish to build a strong and durable customer base, marketing your wash aggressively as a retail business becomes now a necessary, top priority.

So let us forever dispense with the mistaken notion that your wash can become a successful enterprise without a consistent, continuous, and sustained marketing effort.

This important adjustment raises, of course, many other pertinent questions:

How can you best communicate with your current and potential customers?

Who on your team “takes ownership” for this vital, even life-sustaining activity?

What are the best, most successful and attractive offers in your market to build a reliable shopping pattern among your current customers?

How can you best identify, attract and then capture new customers?

After a typical 60-90-120 day marketing campaign, how will you evaluate its success?

Finally, how can you and your team then improve upon this last effort?

Marketing your wash, you see, is a daily event, just as important as fine-tuning your chemical solutions, and keeping your expensive equipment in peak working order.