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Blog: Saban and I learned valuable lessons

January 14, 2014
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We are all human. Everyone makes grievous, even painful mistakes.

Wise men and critics also tell us, we often times learn valuable lessons from these embarrassing and humbling transgressions.

For instance, on his way to another national championship, Alabama’s superb football coach dipped into an unexpected hole in the road, and committed a cardinal sin.

In an ill-fated effort to defeat a surprising Auburn team, Saban took leave of his senses, and attempted a 57-yard field goal with but one second left in regulation time.

Hindsight will dictate to Saban, when this situation arises again in the future, to take a knee, and win the game in overtime.

My stupendous (and stupid!) error in judgment was a simple one too. Worse, it easily could have been avoided.

Last month, I accidentally dropped my glasses behind my office desk, and foolishly decided to get down on all fours to retrieve them.

As many readers know, I am physically challenged with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. This means, once I am down on the floor, I am not getting up any time soon!!

As you can see, both Coach Saban and I terribly misread our real situations. We both were scarred by our momentary and unusual lapses in our best judgments.

He lost a hard-fought opportunity to win another national championship.

For my part, I struggled, cussed and crawled for nearly an hour before I could even get back on my feet.

Our nearly fatal decisions and actions, I trust, will not be repeated in the future.

What about you? What landmine did you step on last year, which could have been avoided? Don’t you wish this year, you could get a “do over?”

I can tolerate making a foolish mistake once. You can too. But in 2014, let’s agree to move forward together, both smarter and more determined than ever to be the best we can be, with what we’ve got, with where we are.

That is a winning game plan for any business this year.