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Dirty Work by Double D Dwyer

David "Double D" Dwyer is a 20-year veteran of the carwashing industry, having owned Dubble D's Car Wash in Plymouth, MN, and is currently a content marketing and operations specialist consultant. He can be reached at

The impact wrench

July 15, 2014
A manager of a carwash recently called me seeking advice regarding an incident that occurred at his facility...
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Blog: Content marketing

April 30, 2013
Many owners and managers in this business face daily calls and door knocks from people selling advertising and...
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Blog: Simple steps for handing Jeep Cherokees

April 5, 2013
Here is the simple truth: Not every Jeep is a carwash accident, but most carwash accidents are Jeeps.
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Blog: Does this carwash want to go out of business?

March 4, 2013
I visited a few carwashes this week. When I pulled onto the lot of one, a line of cars extended to the street...
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