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Four-Legged Friendly

Heather Steines is the Executive Vice President of CCSI International, Inc., manufacturers of All Paws Pet Wash.

Times Have Changed

I got to thinking recently about how times have changed. I mean, today’s world is so very different. Just look at man’s best friend...
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Mud: The side-effect of spring

Spring is here! Mud is here! How a pet wash can be the best way to clean your dog.
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This Winter

Is it just me or does every news headline as of late sound something like this. “Another massive storm pattern is moving in…”
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Blog: Fall is for Fun

The corn is turning brown here in the Midwest, which means one thing and one thing only — fall is nearly upon us...
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Washing trends

Today I read a poll that recently conducted. The basic premise of the poll was to tally how many...
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Dog days of summer

Hot diggity dog! Welcome to those doggone days of summer. I don’t know about you, but I spent the holiday weekend...
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There is always a season

There is something profound about seasons. Here in the Midwest there are distinct moments when the air turns such a degree...
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Wet dogs stink

Rain slicker manufactures have to be whistling a happy tune this spring. Across the United States lately, wet weather...
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Blog: Decent exposure

Can we agree that getting decent exposure is tough? Are you a review reader? Before I purchase most things...
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Blog: Pet washes are a good thing

Can we say it all together? Four-legged friendly! Four-legged friendly! Four-legged friendly! If you haven't caught...
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