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Four-Legged Friendly

Heather Steines is the Executive Vice President of CCSI International, Inc., manufacturers of All Paws Pet Wash.

There is always a season

June 21, 2013
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There is something profound about seasons. Here in the Midwest there are distinct moments when the air turns such a degree and you just know that you are headed into a new season. Sometimes those seasons are a bit blurred. My husband said last night, “It feels like an early fall evening,” when in fact it is nearing the very end of spring. It’s okay, really. Seasons can be fickle and sometimes they overlap and most of the time it’s good. The ebb and flow of seasons holds true in the car wash industry too. Just outside of Chicago, we are slapped with a snowy salt season beginning in November and lasting through March. Likewise, southern folks are bombarded with pollen season at the first sign of spring. Both of these are unfortunate for winter driving and allergies, but wonderful for car wash numbers. We can count on these environmental factors, unfortunate or not, to drive our car wash numbers up. The same holds true for the pet wash industry. In a way, it is a welcomed variation. All winter we promote under carriage washes to ward off the effects of salt build up. Come spring, it is rather refreshing to fly a new banner promoting flea and tick treatments. Sounds like an odd thing to be excited about, but having something marketable for each season keeps the revenue varied and flowing.

Summer is also the season for fundraisers. Fundraiser season can be a great boost to car counts, as kids wildly wave signs beckoning those who pass by in for a suds. In my experience, cars rarely come out sparkly clean from these types of washes. For it seems the kids are more apt to do a better job spraying themselves than the cars. This is the fun part though and I think the willingness of your location to host such an event is really what brings people back. Pet wash fundraisers are a blast and the real trick is that it inadvertently educates your client base on how to use your facility. And I mean really, who can resist a sweet smelling poodle?

Salt, pollen, fleas … seasons are good for business.