International Drying Corporation

Company Profile

U.S. Manufacturer of the most dependable and diverse dryer line. We manufacture the highest quality dryers that fit any footprint without sacrificing power. Our dryer line includes “quiet systems,” space saver units, outdoor units. We manufacture drying systems for car wash facilities, automobile mfg plants, bus washes, truck washes and train facilities. Custom systems as well!

Product line:

  • The Whisper (Quiet Drying System)
  • Stainless Steel & Molded Resin Drying System
  • Limited Space Stainless Steel Drying System
  • “Classic” Stainless Steel Drying System
  • Spyder Drying System
  • Car Wash Dryer/Blower
  • Bus Wash Dryer/Blower
  • Truck Wash Dryer/Blower
  • Train Wash Dryer/Blower

Contact Information

Arthur Stephens
[email protected]


2510 Route 176
Suite G
Prairie Grove, IL 60012