BETHLEHEM, N.Y. — According to, a decomposed body was found in a ravine behind the Hoffman Car Wash on Delaware Ave., and police are continuing to investigate the area.

Bethlehem Police Commander Adam Hornick said that an autopsy was scheduled for Monday, Dec. 4th and that the police would provide an update on the situation after both it and the investigation of the area were completed, the article continued.

Hornick stated that a hunter was walking through the area and found the remains about midway between the top of the hill and Normans Kill on Dec. 3rd, the article noted; the area is covered in light brush and trees.

Police have not been able to yet identify the ethnicity, age or sex of the person due to the skeletal condition of the corpse, the article added.

“We’re comparing it to all open cases as well as cases with state police and in the Capital Region,” Hornick said, declining to give details on whether there were items found with the body or if the death was considered suspicious.

As of Dec. 3rd, police had taped off a large area of the hill behind the carwash; state police and state forest rangers are assisting in the investigation, the article concluded.

UPDATE: According to a later article at, the body was identified as an adult woman who lived in the Capital Region and had been missing since September; police ruled out foul play.

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