DALLAS — Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems was acquired by Keith Duplessie from R.L. “Bud” Abraham on Sept. 1, 2017, according to a press release.

Detail Plus was founded in 1981 by Abraham, whose vision, stewardship, passion for and involvement in the carwash and detailing industry helped him build the company into a world-leading supplier of detail equipment and accessories, the release continued.

Duplessie worked at the company for a number of years managing sales and technical services until 2012, the release noted.

Desiring to retire, but wanting to leave the company in good hands, Abraham said he “knew Keith would be a good fit to take on Detail Plus and carry the company forward into the future, and now was the right time to step away. The company will be in good hands and is ready to move into the future with Keith at the helm.”

Detail Plus has relocated to Dallas, Texas, from its original Portland, Oregon, home, in a strategic move to provide a more centralized location that also allows future growth, the release stated.

The company is completely up-and-running with full production capability at the time of this release.
With his long history of involvement and dedication to the carwashing and detailing industry, the release added, Duplessie plans to combine Abraham’s foundation of Detail Plus with developing industry trends.

“We are excited to take Detail Plus forward,” Duplessie said, “with a new vision, new concepts, and a new physical location, in order to place the company at the leading edge of the carwash and detailing industry. Bud’s original vision set Detail Plus at the forefront of new concepts in detailing, and I intend to carry on that tradition. We will continue to develop new products and systems that focus on making detailing more efficient and cost-effective for our customers.”