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Blue-White Industries

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Blue-White Industries

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Contact: David Koch, Reyna Vazquez
Phone: (541) 270-2564


Blue-White Industries
5300 Business Dr
Huntington Beach CA 92649
United States
Blue-Whites CHEM-FEED® and CHEM-PRO® pumps meter precise amounts of Car Wash Chemicals and feature clog resistant Heavy-Duty Pump Heads. For standard Car Wash applications, count on CHEM-FEED compact and efficient metering pumps. For larger car and truck washes choose CHEM-PRO® pumps. Know how much water your system is using with BW DIGI-METER® digital flowmeters offered: F-1000RB rate meter; F-1000TB totalizer; F-1000RT Rate Meter/Flow Totalizer. Panel Mount flowmeters are also offered.
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