BLACKPOOL, England — Car Park Valeting Ltd. has applied for planning permission to add a carwash in the parking lot of an Asda location on Cherry Road, according to Blackpool Gazette.

The proposed hand wash would be comprised of nine parking spots on the lot, stated the article, and the application requests permission for an office and a canopy.

The proposal included a design brief which noted that the operation “will employ an average of eight staff made up of two full-time staff and a combination of part-time and weekend staff,” reported the article.

The brief also explained that the company has operated for over 15 years with more than 90 sites throughout England, continued the article.

The proposed hand wash and valeting services, the report stated, will feature exterior and interior cleaning, including “jet washing, waxing, vacuuming and polishing of vehicles,” informed the article.

“It is intended that customers visiting the shopping center will leave their [vehicles] on the site while shopping,” noted the brief, and reported in the article.

You can find the article here.