There is an old saying that goes something like this – ‘Inspect what you expect’. Below is a sample of a wash visit report that can help you stay on track and inspect the things that need it. This report provides not just a snapshot into actual operations, but a detailed view of how things actually run when you’re not there.

It is an excellent report to use to maintain every aspect of your facility and is sometimes used as a grading tool for calculating a manager’s bonus. This report should be completed on a monthly basis by the owner or area manager.

Wash Visit Report

Observer: ___________________________     Date: __________________
Store Location: ______________________     Weather: _______________
Time In (pulled onto lot): ______________     Cars Ahead of the Observer: _______
Time Out (left car wash):______________
Please rate condition (Unacceptable   0   1   2   3   4   5   Excellent)

Exterior Appearance of Store:

  1. Was the entry area clean and free of trash?
  2. Were the auto tellers working and clean?
  3. Was the vacuum area clean and free of trash?
  4. Were the all vacuums clean and polished?
  5. Were the trashcans clean and not overflowing?
  6. Was the smoking area clean and free of trash?
  7. Was the dumpster area clean and free of trash?
  8. Were the landscaping and grounds well kept?
  9. Was the building exterior clean and in good condition?
  10. Was all exterior lighting, including signage, working?
  11. Was all equipment out of site?
  12. Were paved areas clean and free of stains?
  13. Were all vacuums working and hoses in good shape?
  14. Were the curbs in need of maintenance?
  15. Was the drive painting in need of maintenance?


The complete report is twelve pages in length. If you would like a copy that you can customize to your wash email [email protected] and ask for a copy on the Wash Visit report. I hope this tool helps you run your business at a peak level.

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