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Problems & solutions: Conveyor carwashes

Prevent and resolve common issues by following these steps.

Issues come up in the carwash business, but operators can effectively prevent and resolve them if they know what to watch for.

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Precision and communication via carwash controllers

As new services are added, controller functions become more important than ever.

Modern carwash controllers are responsible for the traditional as well as the newly-added functions in the typical carwash.

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Working together: Controllers and VFDs

Now operators can control what speed their motors are operating at, and just dropping a motor from 60 to 50 hertz can provide significant results.

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Gaining dryer control

Owners and operators can adjust dryer fan speeds using controllers.
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Controllers and IBAs

Today's in-bay automatics are not "set it and forget" it businesses.
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Special Edition Newsletter: Controllers

This month's special topic: Controllers
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VFD controllers

Presenting another way to save energy.

Recent controller adaptation

As technology advances, nearly everything in our lives becomes more sophisticated.
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Power factor correction

Staco Energy Products
Staco Energy Products introduced the new StacoVAR® mini — a wall mountable automatic power factor correction bank for carwashes of all kinds, including self-serve washes, in-bay automatics, tunnels and others.
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Checking the Timing in the Car Wash

CarWash College™ Preventive Maintenance Tip of the Month
This month we are going to talk about the timing of the car wash process and how, if managed properly, it can save you thousands of dollars a year on chemical and water cost.
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