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Maintaining Your Chemical Systems

CarWash College™ Tip of the Month
September 4, 2013
There are a number of variables to consider when trying to produce a clean, dry, shiny car at an acceptable cost.
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Treatment Products Ltd.
May 2, 2013
Treatment Products Ltd., a manufacturer of automotive cleaners, waxes, polishes and protective coatings, announced the acquisition of the Strike Force brand of products.
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Exclusive podcast: Ed O'Hanrahan of Coleman Hanna

March 15, 2013
HOUSTON - OHanrahan spoke with PC&D about his decision to purchase the company and the rumors of the company relocating.
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Detailing the future

From management and personnel to equipment and chemicals, what factors will have the biggest impact in 2013?
November 30, 2012

Blog: Why Obama won

November 15, 2012
Business owners can learn a tremendous amount from the hard-fought election since it was rich with content-based “teaching moments.”
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What's in a drop?

Lustra™ Tip of the Month
July 12, 2012
A drop of water won't quench your thirst. A drop of milk won't be enough for your cereal. A drop of car wash chemical won't clean your car... or will it?
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Detailing chemicals, Part 1

The first in this two-part series covers the list of everything you need to operate a detail shop.
July 2, 2012

How to Get the Driest Car Ever Part 2

Blendco Systems™ Tip of the Month
April 30, 2012
We previously discussed tips on how to get the driest car ever.
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Why Ultra Concentrated Chemicals Can Be Important To You

Lustra™ Tip of the Month
April 30, 2012
Ultra concentrated car wash products have gained popularity over the past few years and for good reason.
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How to Get the Driest Car Ever

Blendco Systems™ Tip of the Month
February 2, 2012
How do you get the driest car ever? Do you use more chemical? Change chemical?
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