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Make microfiber towels work for you

The right towels can last longer and give you better results.

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Microfiber tips for detailers

Microfiber cloths and towels for greater efficiency, lower friction and scratching, and easier washing, rinsing and drying, work well for detailers.

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Special Edition Newsletter: Towels

This month's special topic: Towels
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How to maintain microfiber towels

How to maintain towels for maximum efficiency.
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Towel tips for success

Presenting the biggest towel mistakes you can't afford to make

Towels and wipes

Detail Plus Systems
The new Poli-Towels and Wipes from Detail Plus feature an elastic polymer media for removing surface contaminants, such as: IFO, paint overspray, brake and rail dust, insect residue, tree sap and more.
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Ready to clean

Premoistened towels provide convenient cleaning options for carwashers and customers alike.

The finer points of window cleaning

Setting up an organized system can prevent streaked windows and create repeat customers.

Product Spotlight: Tips for towels

Tired of dealing with towel lint? Leave lint behind and increase longevity by following these laundering and usage steps.
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