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Professional Carwashing & Detailing


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November 2014

Volume: 38
Edition: 11


Be prepared for a busy winter

Breaking down the best practices to follow in tunnels and equipment rooms.

The steps to prepare for another busy winter season.

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The 2014 Top 50 List

Ranking the nation’s largest conveyor carwash chains by the numbers.

This top 50 list is made up of the nation’s largest conveyor carwash chains, and they are ranked by their number of locations.

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November 2014

2014 In-bay Automatic Benchmarking Survey Report

The 2014 In-bay Automatic Benchmarking Survey Report gathers information from owners and operators.

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Kwik Car Wash keeps washing fun

How this chain built success through technology, fundraisers and community involvement.

The company thinks having fun and respecting employees as well as customers are essential parts of its business model.

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Fighting for approval

One team’s ups and downs building a new carwash in Southern California.

The obstruction of a state-of-the-art carwash was caused by a select group of residents. I will also cover several aspects of city bureaucracy, local politics and, in my opinion, the misuse of a law known as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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Beyond the basics: Protecting your wash with insurance

Go further than basic liability and property insurance to ensure your business is guarded against disasters.

In addition to making sure you and your agent choose the right types of coverage for your business, take steps to prevent problems like loss of coverage, rising rates and fraud.

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Create new opportunities with cross-marketing

Services and operations run smoothly. Now increase your customer counts with mutually beneficial partnerships.

Partnering with other businesses can up your customer and wash numbers, but sharing customers also means carwash owners need to do their due diligence.

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How to prevent hydraulic hose failure

Inspection and replacement tips for tunnel, bay and detail operations.

The majority of carwashes today call on dozens of hoses to complete wash processes and generate profits.

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LED rebates, discounts and financing

Tips to save money when installing energy-efficient lighting options.

Though the operational advantages have long been touted, cost is an aspect of LED lighting that prevents many car care businesses from updating fixtures.

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Spotting an opportunity for success

On the Spot detailing grows with an eye towards new markets and franchising.

On the Spot Mobile Detailing in Maryland discovered a unique opportunity based on one casino’s search for boosted “high roller” benefits.

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November 2014

Photo of the Month Contest

 See the before-and-after images from the first winner of our detailing photo contest.

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November 2014

Around the world in 30 days

Chronicling a bustling, busy month in the carwash market.

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The VARIOspeed series offer a pre-engineeredcontrol solutionusing a factory-programmed variable frequency drive (VFD) in a NEMA 1 orNEMA 3Renclosure.

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Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

Carlo Gavazzi announced the launch of the fourth generation TripleshieldCA30CA capacitive proximity sensors.

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Coleman Hanna Wash Systems LLC

This touch-free automatic provides an open, inviting bay that provides easy entry for customers.

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Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems LLC

The Shammy Shine provides the total dry feature of a hand dry while enhancing and buffing the vehicle’s surface.

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Warsaw Chemical Co. Inc.

Radiance Formula 557 Jazz Tri-Color Foam Polish, part of the Car Choice Car Wash Products line, is multi-colored foam polish fortified with siliconized carnauba for increased shine, protection and enhanced water beading.

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Pelican Products

Made of a durable polymer material with a photoluminescent finish, the flashlight gathers ambient light to glow in the dark, making it easy to locate in blackout situations.

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ATI - November 2014

Gathering most important news from the carwash and detailing industry.

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Industry Watch - November 2014

Compiling association, company and people news from the car care industry.

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Ground Breaking - November 2014

Collecting new construction and grand openings of carwashes around the world.

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