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All the relevant news about carwashes and tunnels


Trends and new technology increase profitability

Operators add services and adopt new practices to stay competitive.

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Doors create a pleasant environment

Provide a warm, wind-free place to wash.

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Product manufacturer boosts international reach

CHICAGO — The company is in negotiations with potential wholesalers in additional countries.

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Sales and technical representative joins detergent company

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey — The new hire brings more than 13 years of experience to the position.

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Technical representative joins chemical company staff

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The new hire has sales and service knowledge in addition to being an accomplished chef.

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Removing rail dust

Eradicate pesky rail dust from vehicle surfaces with these steps.

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Using chemicals wisely

Ensure a stronger bottom line with the proper use of chemicals.

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Auditing carwash chemistry

Identify the perfect amount of chemicals with knowledge and testing to keep revenue streams strong.

Carwashes can improve practices already in place to keep their businesses successful.

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Avoiding common mistakes

Learn about two common missteps that can affect chemical use.

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Creating a chemistry use checklist

Create a system to make sure chemicals are used efficiently.

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