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How to handle Facebook’s diminished reach

June 17, 2014
CLEVELAND — In January, Facebook made changes that greatly impacted Facebook Fan Pages, which has led to fewer page views for many businesses, according to Small Business Trends.   

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Marketing a carwash through Social Eyes

June 3, 2014
BOISE, Idaho — Part of having a successful carwash is having a successful carwash marketing strategy, according to a Social Eyes blog.

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Building a social media following with Emphatic

May 29, 2014
CLEVELAND — Mastering social media can be much different than building a successful business, and Emphatic is one service that does the social media work for you, according to Small Business Trends.

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Providing customer service through Twitter

May 21, 2014
CLEVELAND — Twitter is an ideal fit for businesses to use for customer service because it is a place people share information and allows for a quick and timely response, according to Small Business Trends.

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Tips for improving social media marketing

May 16, 2014
CLEVELAND — While setting up a social media page may be easy, creating an engaging marketing strategy is not, according to Small Business Trends.

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Turtle Wax giving away 2015 Ford Mustang through social media contest

May 12, 2014
BOLINGBROOK, Ill. — A “reflectie,” a picture of yourself taken in the reflection of a shiny car, can win you a new Ford Mustang, according to a press release. 

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Earning likes and profits

How to use social media to build customer relations and improve business
April 28, 2014
Social media is one of the biggest buzz words in the business world, and it’s something that everyone says you need, but not everyone understands how to use.
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Marketing your pet wash, a modern contraption for a social world

March 24, 2014
Carwash owners are always looking for new ways to bring in extra revenue, and pet washes have emerged as one of the most dependable ways to do so.
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Tips on social media from a carwash business that 'gets it'

March 18, 2014
DETROIT — Detail XPerts has 15,000 followers on Twitter, and over 4,500 on Facebook. The company president talked to PC&D about how they’ve used social media to improve their business, and relations the company has with its customers and other businesses.           

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Marketing strategies for carwashes

February 25, 2014
FRISCO, Texas — Social media and marketing author J.R. Atkins, has advice on new ways for carwashes to market their business, according to a blog presentation.
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