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21 site selection guidelines for choosing the right carwash location

When it comes running a successful carwash, effective site selection is critical.


Although numerous components affect the success of a carwash, from pricing services and menu creation to site design and signage, site selection reigns supreme.

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“When it comes to selecting a location for a new carwash, owners should look at a potential site the way a consumer would — there is no substitute in committing to a property and building a $2 million facility,” asserts Harvey M Miller, owner of Car Wash Consultants and contributor in Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s April cover story “Site selection.”

In the article, Miller discusses crucial factors of site selection for carwashes, which include but are not limited to: demographics, zoning, property size, traffic counts, entrance and exit points, the community, nearby competition, site costs, reports and reviews, and site analysis.


However the most important step of site selection, reports Miller in the article, is evaluating the current demographics. “Many variables should be used to determine if a property is feasible and will perform at a high volume,” says Miller in the article. “At the top of your checklist should be reviewing the current demographics of a one-, three- and five-mile radius of the property. In my opinion, this is the most important step.”

To ensure optimal success, the PC&D team created the infographic below, which lists 21 major variables of site selection Miller uses when visiting and analyzing a property.

Site selection infographic

You can learn more about the vital components of site selection for carwashes here.

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