VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Zachary Creekmore, 21, recently pleaded guilty to seven charges in connection to burglaries at carwashes in Virginia Beach, according to WAVY.

The charges, stated the article, include: possession of burglary tools, destruction of property, burglary, two counts of possession of schedule I/II drugs, possession of marijuana by inmate and grand larceny.

Creekmore’s burglary charge allegedly stems from carwash theft, reported the article.

In March 2015, continued the article, a surveillance video at TLC Oceana recorded a man using a sledgehammer to break into a coin machine.

Creekmore was also charged in connection to a burglary at Green Clean Auto Wash on Indian River Road, informed the article.

His drug charge relates to narcotics that were smuggled into the Virginia Beach City Jail this January, added the article, which investigators believe were swallowed and later retrieved once inside the jail.

He will be sentenced for his alleged crimes on Aug. 30, noted the article.

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