BENGALURU, India — 3M’s Car Care division has launched its “3M Store to Door – Mobile Detailing Unit (MDU)” in India, according to a news release featured on

Rather than driving to the local detailing shop, 3M’s MDU services customers at their residences, stated the release.

“The MDU is undergoing pilot-testing in Bengaluru and Chennai,” said Vishesh Nigam, 3M general manager of Car Care, the Automotive Aftermarket division, in the release. “In the next [six to nine] months there will be six MDU vehicles in Bengaluru, which in the next two years, will touch 60 [to] 70, pan-India.”

The MDU launch follows 3M’s establishment of “car care stores” in India four years ago, continued the release, which emerged as a growth segment.

“Though initially customers had to be acquainted with 3M’s products for car care, in the last four years they have adapted very well,” stated Nigam in the release. “Car enthusiasts and the youth help us drive our business.”

Nigam reported in the release that most of the services completed at 3M’s car care stores are on new cars, adding that 3M services about 250 to 300 cars each month.

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