EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Joey Kasper runs his auto detailing business out of his sentimental 1978 Volkswagen bus, according to the Sun Current.

Kasper is trusted with some of the most expensive cars in the world, said the article. Top CEOS, executives and professional athletes are among his customers.

This trust is something Kasper doesn’t take for granted. He can clean up to 40 cars per week, with detailing packages starting at $200, stated the article.

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The VW bus does more than house the business’ equipment. It also acts as a marketing tool. The business’ phone number is listed on the side of the vehicle, noted the article.

“They’ll go to pass me on the highway and they’ll slow down and I’ll see them dial the number on their phone,” he said in the article.

Kasper had a list of clients set when he began the business in 2007. Now he is about to hire his first full-time employee and he has plans to operate a whole fleet of VW buses, reported the article.

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