Contributor Phil Ash discusses how investing like an entrepreneur can help to consistently beat the market in the March feature, “Nine key traits of successful investors.”

“These [nine] essential characteristics embody the spirit of entrepreneurial investors, capturing the dynamic essence of self-starters to ensure entrepreneurs — and others who share their groundbreaking spirit — will always have the financial fuel they need to achieve their dreams,” writes Ash in the article.

Ash explains in the article that business owners and investors are quite alike when it comes to their willingness to take calculated risks for which the payoff can be substantial. “It is this shared spirit that can help the entrepreneurial-minded investor cultivate a profitable portfolio that outperforms most other investors and achieves his or her financial goal,” he concludes in the article.

The Professional Carwashing & Detailing team developed the infographic provided below to help car care businesses have the tools they need to invest for success.

investor traits infographic

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