9 new technologies transforming the modern carwash

9 new technologies transforming the modern carwash

Innovation is now the name of the game.

Carwashes of the past are slowly phasing out. New technologies have made it possible to upgrade the carwashes of the past into more modern businesses that will draw a customer’s eye. More and more people are seeing the value of a good carwash as they seek to get the longest possible life out of their vehicles.

Leveling up

To level up your carwash, you should include some of these technologies that can draw more people into your business.

In-bay automatic lights

In-bay automatic (IBA) carwashes are becoming more and more popular. The mechanical IBA arms can feature stoplight colors that are more easily seen than the lights at the end of the automatic carwash. These arms can almost center drivers and act as a sort of goalpost when navigating drivers forward.

In addition to looking much sleeker, these brighter lights can keep drivers safe as they go through the carwash so they don’t hurt their car or your equipment.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing might not be a physical part of your business, but it can be just as important as some of the hardware at your carwash. You need a good social media marketing plan to draw more people to your carwash.

A strategy that targets your perfect audience will get more eyes on your content, drumming up more business for you in the long run.1 Even if you may not have accounts on any social media platform, you should start one for your business.

Your possibilities are endless, especially if you’re on multiple platforms. Choose to start with the social platform you’re most familiar with, and then you can add other platforms as time goes on and you get more adjusted to your social media campaigns.

You can also host an event after advertising it on social media so your audience can use discounts and get to know your carwash better.2 Over time, you’ll see that many people rely on social media to recommend new businesses to them.

Touchless wash

Touchless carwashes are a big part of the future. While nothing may beat the nostalgic feeling of brushes and wet mats, touchless carwashes can give people peace of mind in knowing that there’s no way they’ll emerge with a damaged car.

These touchless carwashes use high pressures of air and water instead of mechanical agitation to push the dirt and grime out of every nook and cranny, no matter a vehicle’s model.

Furthermore, a touchless carwash supports automation. With over 11.5 million job openings and fewer applicants to fill them, automation is more important than ever for carwashes that don’t have many workers.3 You might need all the people you can get in other areas of your business, so these fully automated options can help you out where you need it the most.

Follow the trends

Following trends on social media is a great way to help you garner more interest and eyes on your content and business. Popular trends can get several new pairs of eyes on your content, so all you need to do is make sure it’s engaging and relevant.

It might be hard to follow which trends are “in” when you first start out with your social media ventures, but you’ll eventually understand the flow of trends as they come and go. Another gift technology has given you is the ability to read industry blogs and learn new trends and techniques from fellow business owners.

Use trends and ongoing research wisely to maximize the number of eyes on your social media accounts and the relevance of your business investments.

Better nozzles

Better nozzles are a small form of upgraded tech that can make a huge difference in your carwash and the resulting customer experience.

The nozzles of the future have higher pressure and a sleeker design, both of which contribute to a more even distribution of cleaning products. Upgrade your nozzles if you want to see an immediate difference in how satisfied your customers are.

Grand entrance arches

While not necessarily the biggest technological advancement you can implement into your carwash, it’s a great option for businesses that want to make their establishment look more attractive.

The appearance of luxury might be enough to attract customers and draw them to the services you offer.4 Since beauty and luxury can attract people to a business, consider upgrading the entrance to your carwash. It might just mean more people stopping in and checking out what your business is all about.

Apps and online scheduling

If you don’t have a website with booking capabilities, you should upgrade it immediately and offer people the option to book online. Many people would appreciate the freedom of scheduling their carwash or detailing appointments ahead of time. Not everyone can run to the carwash at any time — they may have places to be and plans to get to.

By allowing people to book a slot with your business, they can come and go according to their appointment time, feeling safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to wait for a spot to open up. Show your customers that you appreciate their time, and they may be more likely to book with you.

LED lighting

LED lighting is a great option to upgrade the physical appearance of your business. These lights might just wow customers at night and draw them into your carwash, increasing your earnings during otherwise slow periods.

These lights might appeal to customers with young children who can be amused by riding through automatic carwashes. Plus, when you use LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs or floodlights, you’re shrinking your business’s carbon footprint while keeping your lights bright and inviting for any potential customers.5

Steam carwash

Another major player in new technology for carwashes is the steam carwash. These carwashes use steam and high temperatures that cars can resist better in order to clean them. Such carwashes are actually more environmentally friendly, too, because they’re done with water and other organic cleaning materials. You won’t have to worry about chemicals running off into the environment and hurting animals or land. This steam-powered method is a great way to advertise to your customers that you care about both them and the Earth.

The future of carwashes is eco-friendly

Many customers might want to prioritize eco-friendly methods over the old way of cleaning their cars. By offering eco-friendly options, you’ll attract more customers than the audience you thought you would originally. By offering new services with new technology, you’ll also become the talk of the town.

Remember to use your social media presence wisely to educate your audience as well as promote your business. In time, you’ll become known as an expert in your field — and that information, plus all the lovely lights and useful features, will draw people to your business quick as a flash.

Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief of Modded, where he writes about cars, car trends and auto news. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates on his work.







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