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Market Focus: Crew Carwash coming to Minnesota

This week, we cover new construction, company growth plans and grand openings.

Ollie’s Car Wash joins Mammoth Holdings

ATLANTA — The acquisition adds three Louisiana sites.

Santa Maria passes mobile carwash ordinance

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — The ordinance restrictions mobile carwashers by location and water reclamation.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash opens 4 sites in Q1 2021

HOLLAND, Mich. — The chain opened sites in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Iowa.

Club Car Wash opens 2 new locations

COLUMBIA, Mo. — The chain now has 39 locations operating in the Midwest.

‘Significant’ trees halt carwash development in Florida

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — The company must get permission from the state to cut down these trees.

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Wash Talk Ep. 63: Pandemic and Regulations Management

Chris McKenna of McKenna Assets LLC, Car Wash Consulting Division, discusses some management practices related to both the pandemic and new regulations in general.

Wash Talk Ep. 62: Spring Carwashing

This audio reading of “Spring carwashing” discusses services you can offer to combat spring’s particular problems.

Wash Talk Ep. 61: Executive Series 1.4 – The Top 5: Autobell Car Wash

Carl Howard, chief operating officer of Autobell Car Wash, discusses what he believes has led the company to its current level of success.

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Good, quality chemistry, in the right amounts, isn’t cheap.

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