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A clean sign = A clean image

Businesses which specialize in cleaning need to make sure their facility is clean as well.


Businesses which specialize in cleaning need to make sure their facility is clean as well. An unkempt business will make customers wonder if cleanliness is important to the owner or even make them look elsewhere for services. The grounds, the building and the sign all have to be presentable. A neat and tidy sign, which is often considered the “face” of the business, is especially important because it can be what attracts non-regular customers who are driving or passing by the business. A dirty sign is not only off-putting, but can also be difficult to read. According to the International Sign Association®, how well a sign works for your business depends in large part on how easy it is for people driving by to see and read it. Therefore, a clean, readable sign is vital to a carwash’s image and the all-important reputation.

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According to Bobby Jones, the art director of TSS Inc., a little sign maintenance can go a long way. “Sign maintenance,” he said, “is imperative to ensure your sign’s longevity and worth. Unfortunately with all the distractions involved in running a business, sign maintenance is often neglected.”

Sign maintenance chemistry

If your sign is not cared for properly it can look very weathered and lose its effectiveness, Jones said. “Another point worth mentioning is that often times the sign is cleaned but with the wrong solution and therefore increases the likelihood of sign failure,” he added.


According to Jones, these three easy-to-follow guidelines will help make your sign stay and effective:

1. Be sure the inside drain holes are not clogged with debris.

Unclogging the drain holes will allow any moisture or water that may find its way into the sign to find a clear exit point. When these holes are clogged the water will build up inside and tend to cause power supply, or LED, failure.

2. Try WD40 and a soft towel.

It is recommended that you clean your sign face (cover) by using WD40 applied with a soft towel on both the inside and outside of the fixture’s face. This helps remove the chemical and dirt build up and can act as a repellent for any future dirt and chemical build. Taking this step will also help restore the sign’s luster.


3. Warning: Do not clean sign surfaces with Windex, or any kind of carwash cleaning chemical.

Using anything like tire cleaner, carwash soap, bug remover, etc. can cause the sign to crack and will end up causing permanent damage.

When it’s time for a change

Sometimes, a sign is beyond fixing. If it’s been up for too long, and maybe wasn’t maintained regularly, it might be time for a new face altogether.

“Replacing your sign face is another import aspect of sign maintenance that goes beyond just the simple cleaning,” said Jones. “If you’re not keeping your marketing strategy fresh and changing the look and layout of your signs they will also be more likely to be ignored by your customers.”


Jones said to consider the fast food industry and how often they are changing their menu positions and special promotions. “I can assure you,” he said, “that if McDonalds left their menu the same over the course of three years that business would suffer immensely. Customers need stimulation and excitement to spark impulse sales, so keep that in mind when you’re cleaning your signs, and maybe dust off your marketing strategy while dusting the sign as well.”

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