A quick rundown of mobile steam cleaning - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

A quick rundown of mobile steam cleaning

WOBURN, MA — Steam cleaners use high pressure and high temperatures to clean vehicles.

WOBURN, MA — There are a number of different portable carwash machines available today for specific uses, according to Environmental-Expert.com.

The Dec. 14 story stated that machines are available in wheeled or truck-mounted versions, and these are a good selection for mobile detailing professionals who travel to different locations.

Recent grad marks five years of mobile detailing

Steam cleaners can use high pressure and high temperatures to clean. The pressure levels of up to 1,500 psi are ideal for car exteriors, but pressure alone will not remove tough deposits. Mobile carwash equipment that generates steam temperatures of up to 250 degrees can remove even the most stubborn deposits, such as sap, mud and grease.

For interiors, the story recommended steam cleaners with pressure levels of 75 psi to 125 psi and steam temperatures of over 369 degrees. These are best used to clean leather, vinyl, door jams and hard surfaces.

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Low flow rates are another advantage of these cleaning systems. Steam can help contribute to water conservation without compromising the quality of the cleaning.

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