Accutrac® 360-i from Petit - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Accutrac® 360-i from Petit

From Petit Auto Wash Equipment and their cutting-edge engineering and commitment to the highest quality materials, the Accutrac 360-i will clean faster, last longer and will require less maintenance over time. With double spray arms and precisely designed oscillating spray heads, Petits carwashes are built for speed and packed with quadruple the cleaning power. 

The standard 8-foot-high vehicle clearance of the Accutrac 360 increases your customer base — these washes can wash vehicles 6 to 12 inches higher than the standard wash height of most in-bay and tunnel carwash systems. 

The Accutrac 360-i washes up to 29 cars per hour. Double Accutrac inbays achieve over 60k cars per year while triple inbays wash over a 100k cars per year.

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Petit Auto Wash Equipment
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Yes, we’re the company that’s been creating a buzz in the wash community with our ultra-reliable, extreme performance machines. Whether you’re washing cars in Alaska or Florida, our machines are built for every environment with intent to perform in extreme conditions. Even though you might not know how to pronounce our name, you’ll definitely understand... Read More

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