Accutrac® XR-Series - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Accutrac® XR-Series

Petit’s XR Series tunnel car wash system is a customized combination of spray arms mounted on stationary arches for chemical applications, high-pressure washing, or spot-free rinsing in a smaller tunnel footprint. The XR’s arches require only 2 to 3 feet of tunnel space and can be configured to suit your specific application. 

The XR comes equipped with the patented oscillating nozzles Petit is known for coupled with pivoting options to enhance cleaning power, helping to obliterate bugs, salt and grime on mirrors and the fronts and backs of all vehicles. The 3-position pivoting function lets carwash operators choose the best angle for their tunnel. Each arm can be set to up to 45 degrees towards the front or rear of a vehicle. The pivot function also helps to proficiently rinse out hard-to-reach vehicle areas — like mirrors and rear visors. 

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