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Advanced tools for optimal customer satisfaction

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s June issue, Dave Hornby, contributing author, writes about how to get the ideal finish.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s June article, “How to get the perfect finish,” Dave Hornby, contributing writer, discusses how today’s technology enables detailers to “obtain permanent correction using the most advanced tools, pads and polish.”

Hornby explains in the article, “The backbone to this system is a powerful, large-stroke orbital tool that removes most defects and has been developed along with new pads and new polish for a system approach that allows even a novice detailer to obtain professional results.”

When buffing a vehicle, Hornby advises, it is important to wear safety glasses, protective gloves to grip the tool for additional safety and an apron tied in the back, not the front, so the ties won’t tangle with the polisher.

“A new technique should be used to obtain desired results,” he adds. “Begin by starting on the hood of the vehicle, because this will be the area you spend the most time. You can easily inspect to see what you are accomplishing.”

Hornby continues by offering the following buffing methods:

  • To dispense the polish evenly use a polish applicator. Using a fair amount of polish, make an “X” on the pad. Next, move the pad to the middle of the hood and apply medium pressure while keeping the pads flat.
  • To spread the polish evenly before starting the polisher move the pad in a back and forth motion. Then start at a slow speed with medium pressure as you increase the pace of the polisher to the desired speed.
  • Slowly move the pad to the next area to be polished while keeping the pad completely flat. Do not buff the polish until it's dry. Leave the finish with a thin film of polish that can be wiped off later with a microfiber towel during the final steps.
  • Continue to buff all flat areas and inspect the pad often. Use a nylon bristle brush to clean polish residue that has built up and could mat the pad's surface, resulting in lost effectiveness. When buffing the sides and top of the vehicle, remember to be careful with the electrical cord. It can easily tangle in the buffer and harm you.

You can find the entire June feature on buffing methods and technology here.

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