QUINCY, IL — James Grady said it will be hard to see his final carwash sold and demolished here, the Herald-Whig reported.

The Feb. 8 story stated that Broadway Car Wash is the last of the three carwashes that Grady, 81, opened and operated. His experience as a carwash owner goes back 48 years.

This wash was built in 1970-71, and a couple of houses were torn down to make way for the business. The site kept Grady busy until he turned the operation over to his son-in-law a few years ago.

Third generation owner adds new carwash

Grady’s daughter said the closing of the family business was emotional. Grady doesn’t want to let the carwash, or the idea of owning his own business, go.

The new owners will put up a different kind of business on the property.

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