GRANITE FALLS, Min. — A small business owner has focused on the positive and opened a new auto detailing shop after personal tragedy, according to Granite Falls News.

Allan Rand has lived in Africa and three different U.S. states. After the death of his parents, he moved back to his home state of Wisconsin and decided to open Rand’s New Auto Works, said the article.

“Every time I was faced with something negative I always figured out a way to get through it,” Rand said in the article. “It doesn’t really pay to dwell on the negative side of things. A lot of the things you, of course, create for yourself, but regardless you just have move forward with what you have.”

Owning his own business allows him to juggle family life (he and his wife have six children) and the needs of his wife, who has cancer, noted the article.

Rand’s shop does basic and full detailing, and he hopes to resume doing airbrush design.

He also has an employee that runs the mechanical side of the business replacing struts, brakes, rotors, etc.

Rand currently rents a former gas station space, and he intends to purchase the space if business goes well, explained the article.

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